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“Small Business Become Big Businesses “
Small business is a big job creator. Just 21.50% of all small business are employers, almost half of nations private sector (49.20%) is employed by SME & that is 120 million people.
Small businesses also drives a ton of consumer spending into the US economy.
Small business also leads the way in terms of technology & new product innovation.
Two main effective factors for SME’s are :-
1. Financing
2. Human Resources

As per census 2010 there were 27.9 million registered small businesses in US compared to 18,500 corporations of 500+ employees.
Most important point to note is that 99.7% US employer firms are small business.

SME India

India has around 48 million Small, Medium businesses & contribute 45% of Countries industrial and 40% export output.
Employment in India by big business houses are 12.5 million, but SME employ 120 million individuals.
57.5 million are self- employed people.
The main reason for low SME contribution toward GDP is that a lot of firms stay small & unregistered to avoid taxes & regulations.
Financing s the biggest challenge & the lack of it is the main reason for SME going out of business.
At 48 million, India has the 2nd largest numerous of SME in the world. China leads with 50 million.